Consulting Services

Thanks for your interest in my consulting services. While I am happy to assist you, I am only able to take on a limited number of projects — prose manuscripts only (short stories, essays, memoirs, novels, other nonfiction). Sorry, no poetry or academic theses at this time.

My goal is to help writers plumb to new depths in their work, to take risks, to hazard themselves, to write from where they dream. My editing and coaching services are designed to assist novelists, short story writers, and nonfiction writers. I work with writers in most genres, including literary fiction, women’s fiction, mystery, adventure, romance, science-fiction, Christian fiction, historical fiction, westerns, and young adult fiction.

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Editing Services

Please indicate which review is your preference. If you’re not sure, I’m happy to help you determine the appropriate service for your work.

Developmental Edit

  • $10.00 per standard double-spaced 250-word manuscript page (or .04 per word)

In a standard manuscript review, I look first for narrative momentum and structural cohesion, identifying any problems with pacing, tension, point-of-view, and other aspects of clear and compelling storytelling. Then I examine the quality of the prose, weighing the work’s lyrical strengths against any language that detracts. My goal is to help you tighten and hone the story you’re telling.

*The standard MS review/developmental edit does not include the nitty-gritty of copy editing or proofreading, although I am happy to look at manuscripts needing those services.

Copy Edit

  • $8.00 per standard double-spaced 250-word manuscript page (.032 per word)

In a copy edit, I look closely for major grammatical mistakes (incorrect shifts in tense/person/POV, incorrect word usage, issues with parallelism, etc.). This is your high school English teacher’s red pencil edit. When possible, I will offer suggestions on how you might rephrase problem areas.


  • $6.00 per standard double-spaced 250-word manuscript page (or .024 per word)

When I proof a manuscript, I’m looking for typos, spelling mistakes, and other minor grammatical issues that don’t require substantive rewriting. This is a final once-over of a draft close to finished.


I am happy to work with writers over a sustained period of time while they complete a work-in-progress that is building toward a collection or other full manuscript. In addition to offering encouragement, I will help you set and meet goals, offer practical advice on measures that will develop your skills as a writer, shed light on the business of writing, and guide you on the path toward personal fulfillment and publication. Submit 10 standard double-spaced 250-word pages per session. 

  • 1 30-min. session $125.00 
  • 5 30-min. sessions $600.00 
  • 12 30-min. sessions $1400.00

Mentoring Assistance

If you have questions about writing or publishing that do not require a manuscript review, I’m available to chat via phone or Zoom once or on a regular basis. I can tailor exercises that help you grow as a writer or otherwise customize a plan designed for your specific needs.

  • 1 30-min. session $75.00
  • 5 30-min. sessions $350.00
  • 12 30-min. sessions $800.00