On Desire

If my students remember anything about me, it will probably be how much I love Flannery O’Connor, Robert Olen Butler, Pinckney Benedict, Charles Baxter and other literary heroes. If they remember anything I’ve said, it will probably have something to do with conflict, the accumulation of detail, change, meaning, or desire. Yearning, I remind them, … Continue reading On Desire

How to Write Flash Fiction

The best source I've found for explaining how to write flash is this article by David Gaffney in the Guardian. When I discuss flash with my students, I follow this flash-fiction PowerPoint, which I built almost solely around Gaffney's advice. Then I share several of my favorite flash stories that can be found around the web. The … Continue reading How to Write Flash Fiction

What We Mean When We Talk About Meaning in Short Fiction

In order to understand meaning in short fiction, you may also want to look back at "What is a Story, as Opposed to a Vignette?" whereby I attempt to define a short story, and "The Intersection of Pity & Fear: A Look at Endings in Short Fiction" where part of what I attempt to unravel … Continue reading What We Mean When We Talk About Meaning in Short Fiction