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  • AWP and The Faith of a Writer
    Way back in 2008, I attended AWP in NYC, returning home as always with a head full of new ideas about publishing and writing. But one thing, above all else, lingers with me about that trip. Earlier in…
  • Crushing on Raymond Carver
    Listen to Raymond Carver read “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”  . Who are some of your favorite writers? . . .  
  • On Desire
    If my students remember anything about me, it will probably be how much I love Flannery O’Connor, Robert Olen Butler, Pinckney Benedict, Charles Baxter and other literary heroes. If they remember anything I’ve said, it will probably have…
  • Cannibalize Your Darlings
    Faulkner warns that we should “kill our darlings,” but I have a slightly different take on that natty piece of advice. Throwing out what feels like our best work is never easy, and in truth, I never actually throw…
  • How to Write Flash Fiction
    The best source I’ve found for explaining how to write flash is this article by David Gaffney in the Guardian. When I discuss flash with my students, I follow this flash-fiction PowerPoint, which I built almost solely around Gaffney’s advice….
  • Career Day
    Here’s an old post from my previous blog 50 shimmering pages. March 13, 2013 Yesterday, I spent the afternoon talking to 169 fifth graders. I was joined by a singer/songwriter, a policeman/karate instructor, a marine, and a nurse….

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